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One more hour of Headline News and I’ll be done

Apparently Ace is whining that there are Americans who don’t act like seven year-old girls at their first Kiwanis Halloween Haunted House who screech and go,”Omigawdomigawdomigawd” and do the pee-pee dance every time that CNN or Fox jumps the gun on a “breaking story”. Quite frankly, I would have thought that the death-dealing Ace of Spades would be a tad more butch than that, but no:

The sinestrosphere reacted with chuckles over this event, as the right covered it (taking information directly from CNN, which in turn came directly from a Logan Airport spokesman), once again playing the “We’re Too Brave To Be Afraid of Terrorism” card, along with the “Look at the Righties Playing This Up” card, along with the “Bush Is Just Fear-Mongering” card.

But, see, they also completely embargoed the SkyBomb story, except to “Question the Timing” and postulate it was a Bush-Blair conspiracy.

So if they’re “unafraid” of terrorism, it’s for a good reason: They don’t seem to believe in it at all, and more or less say so.

Gleen, you’ll not be surprised to note, poo-poohs all this concern over terrorism as if it’s a joke, before covering his ass with a statement along the lines of “But of course we should take terrorism seriously.”


Like when a disturbed woman mutters incoherently about Al Qaeda and is discovered to have prohibited items upon a plane, including an as of yet unidentified “gelatinous substance” in her handbag? (Gleen, by the way, giggles over reports it was “vaseline,” and yet doesn’t seem aware that it’s been later reported there was a vaseline-like substance in her handbag.)

Or like the left’s complete disinterest in the extremely extensive and serious SkyBomb terror investigation going on right now?

Are they unafriad? Or simply unconnected with reality?

….or, number three:

They don’t jump on the computer and go Full Metal ALL-CAPS!1!! at the first sign of trouble. It’s not that we don’t take terrorism seriously, it’s that we don’t take hysterics seriously. A word to the wise: no one is going to get a blogging Pulitzer for being the fastest to post what they just saw and heard on the TV. Yesterday it was the Vaseline Woman, today it was Facial Scrub Lady. And if you thought the Fearbloggers would have learned their lesson after only twenty-four hours, well, you’d be wrong.

It’s not that Ace isn’t a brave man (bear with me, I’m entering my “fictive universe” here and God knows where this will take us) I think he’s just one of those quick-on-the-trigger deciders; a man of action.

For example, say you’re going to go fishing with some friends on a lake and just after you push off from the dock, the motor dies. While you or I might attempt to restart the motor or get the oars out to keep the boat from colliding with the dock or another boat, Ace would immediately start eyeballing his companions and identifying the weakest one for the orgy of shipboard cannibalism that is sure to come.

That would probably explain the wetnap he keeps in his wallet..

(As an aside I want to point out that Ace is attempting to coin the term “sinestrosphere” to describe leftwing bloggers. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be catching on, possibly because it’s genesis is known only to 48th Level Berserker Nerds.)

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