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Lamont v. Cheney


Holy Joe sure has peculiar taste when it comes to Knights in Shining Armour.  If I was going to pick someone to come to my political rescue, it probably would not be Dick Cheney.

But who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth — if Cheney wants to pour a little of his public toxicity onto the Lieberman drain circle, so much the better.  The fact is that Ned Lamont’s unfavorable ratings (14%) are even lower than Cheney’s sub-Arctic favorables (18%). So if he wants to haul his gout-ridden carcass before the cameras and go after Ned, you will not find me complaining.

Ed Henry, from yesterday’s Situation Room:

And as we often see, the president makes the point and then Vice President Cheney goes out and tries to drive that point home with a partisan punch, almost like as tag team. So it was today that the vice president speaking to the Arizona Republican Party at a fund raiser and he said voters in November have a clear choice between Republicans tough on terror and what he calls the, quote, "Dean Democrats who have defeated Joe Lieberman." He said these Democrats favor defeatism.

Oh thank ye Jeebus.   Dick has the unique distinction of being even less popular than his and Lieberman’s pet war.  I’m sure this will work fine for one of Cheney’s purposes, rallying the GOP base at the specter of pot-smoking bra-less hippiees in Che Guevara t-shirts singing Kumbaya as they overrun the state of Connecticut, but I’m not quite sure how it helps Lieberman.  Since his drift rightward into overt race- and red-baiting Holy Joe seems to have also gone a bit off his rocker so this no doubt makes perfect sense to him, but to others it seems strange that he would want to be tethered to someone whom the American public rightfully despises for his crackpot war strategies and boogeymen terror pimping. 

I certainly hope Lamont seizes the opportunity to let Dead Eye know what nobody seems to have told him:  he’s rather unpopular at the moment and adding his reflective luster to the Good Ship Lieberman may just be the thing that finally takes it under the waves. 

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