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As we’ve noted, the intrepid Bob Geiger has been doing yeoman’s work documenting the Democrats who have been naughty and nice with regard to supporting the party they expect to support them and the state of Connecticut’s Democratic nominee in the November Senate race, Ned Lamont.

Says Bob (email):

I think that between Kos and Firedoglake readers we rang their phones off the hook today and spokesmen for Feinstein and others who have committed are begging me to get an update out there so that their boss’s tepid endorsements will get them off the hook.

If you were one of those who took the trouble to make a call yesterday, take a bow — it’s working.  Meanwhile, Bob reports that Mary Landrieu has come out in support of Holy Joe. That’s really kind of remarkable considering some of Joe’s best handiwork was chairing the committee that approved Michael Brown in 42 minutes (listen to him in the YouTube above defending King George’s divine right to appoint any useless crony he saw fit even in the wake of Katrina).  New Orleans is still a bit of a mess as a result, or hasn’t Landreau noticed?

If you haven’t used our new Spotlight feature, take it for a whirl by pressing the "spotlight" button below.   Perhaps there are a few journalists who might want to ask Ms. Landrieu how her endorsement furthers the interests of her constituents, and how those her state’s African American community feel about it?

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