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I hope everyone is done now with slinging around the cockeyed notion that Lieberman somehow is, or ever was a "moderate."  This isn’t "moderates" vs. "extremists" as Lanny Davis and Mike McCurry would have it — this is entrenched kleptocrats vs. those who would hold them accountable.  And do the entitlement set know how to show up for Joe!

Sirota :

The Hill Newspaper reports that Enron lobbyist Michael Lewan, Joe Lieberman’s former chief of staff, is "work[ing] to quell Democratic discontent with Lieberman and to steer [Senators] away from campaigning against his former boss." Lewan has simultaneously raised cash for Lieberman and for now-convicted Connecticut Republican Gov. John Rowland, telling the Hartford Courant at the time that "they are two like-minded guys" and that his job for both men is to "collect checks and pass them along." Lewan also recently held a lobbyist-sponsored D.C. fundraiser for Lieberman, Lewan breathlessly begging his fellow influence peddlers to give more cash to Lieberman. "The Washington lawyers and lobbyists in those rooms will come back for Joe Lieberman," he said. "Who knows what Lamont would be like?"

Lewan’s loyalty is understandable – as the Washington Monthly reported, Lieberman obediently "balked" at Democratic demands to use his committee chairmanship to intensify the Enron investigation. What is surprising and nauseating is that Lieberman’s Enron lobbyist has any influence over other Democrats.

Meanwhile, Ned has a very good opinion piece in the WSJ where his business background is on display as he demonstrates his pragmatic approach to problem-solving with regard to the many challenges facing the country now that the crooks have been at the helm for far too long.  Joe wouldn’t know anything about that, having never worked in the private sector.  But boy does he know about about cultivating friends in all the right places by giving them unlimited access to the taxpayer trough, eh?

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