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Allen’s Mob and Their Caca

By now, you’ve no doubt read about or seen the video of George Allen drudging up the racism his mother taught him to insult an Indian-American student trailing his campaign for the Webb campaign. Allen is now on his second or third excuse right now, trying to claim he was talking caca all the time.

Allen’s a racist, and we need to use Allen’s antics to make that clear to people.

But I’d like to suggest you go back and watch the video and listen to the crowd. The clip starts with Allen talking about "positive and constructive ideas," how it’s important "that we motivate people for something." He then turns to Sidarth and launches his attack. At first, just one person–it sounds like a woman with a deep voice–cackles at Allen’s attack. As Allen continues, one person–perhaps the cackling woman–starts clapping, egging him on. One woman, and then several people, start yelling and hooting. By the time Allen suggests Webb has never been to this part of the state, many people are hooting. Allen, now playing off the energy of the crowd, looks away from Sidarth with an open mouthed laugh. Allen makes a crack that Webb is with a bunch of Hollywood types, and one man laughs loudly, Ha Haaa.

And then Allen brings them all into the joke. "Welcome. Let’s give a welcome to Macaca here. Welcome to America and the real world of Virginia."

And to that, it sounds like, everyone claps.

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