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Well That Fairness Doctrine Was Quaint Anyway….


We all assume that Hannity, O’Reilly Cavutto and others choose their guest selectively to faciliate the flow of wingnut welfare which keeps them afloat, but it’s rare that they announce it publicly.  The Fairness Doctrine may be long gone, but most networks trouble themselves to at least give lip service to its underlying principles.  Perhaps it surprised nobody else, but I have to say Don Imus’ announcement that he would have no Democrats on his show who did not support Republican Joe Lieberman gave me a bit of pause, as did his threat to Chris Dodd.  

C&L has the video:

IMUS: …and so did Dodd. But what I-I had decided to do, I think, Charles, is to ban everybody…every Democrat, of which unfortunately too many of our guests are any way.  To ban them…ahhh, from the program, for turning their back on Lieberman.

McCORD: Yeah, understood.  It’s a shame.

IMUS:  Uh, but now we…

BERNARD McGUIRK:  We’ll have to start taking phone calls from listeners, if we ban Democratic politicians. [laughter]…

IMUS: Well….

McGUIRK: …that, that bailed on Lieberman. Like Harold Ford.  Who hasn’t bailed on him is the question.

IMUS: Well, they ALL bailed on him. But what we’ll also…I mean, we have a lot of information about—uh, and maybe we can even dig up some old footage on Chris Dodd, who’s trying to run for President, and a bunch of other people and uh, you know, this could get ugly.

McCORD: Oh, absolutely.

IMUS: Couldn’t it?

McCORD:  It could get brutal.

McGUIRK: Oh, Dodd’ll be back on board in no time flat.

IMUS: I mean, I think—trust me, I mean—you know, adhering to the will of the people…I mean, that STUPID August 8th primary in Connecticut in which a couple hundred thousand people voted…

McCORD:  Yeah…

IMUS: …doesn’t…I mean, to just bail on Lieberman like that is …

McCORD:  Based on that….

IMUS: ….you’d expect somebody like that Bill’s fat, evil wife, Satan…

McCORD: Mmm hmmm…

IMUS: …to bail or some of those other people. Um, I’d be very disappointed if Harold Ford, Jr. bailed on him.

McGUIRK: Dodd will make Christie Brinkley’s husband seem like an altar boy if we start…revealing all the stuff from his past.

IMUS: Uh, I mean the stuff we have on him…he’d better come to his senses quickly…

Is that bit threatening Dodd supposed to be funny?  Why am I not laughing? 

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