Let’s just leave that out of the obituary, okay?

Bruno Kirby. RIP

Character actor Bruno Kirby died yesterday. He was one of those actors who you probably knew by sight (definitely by his distinctive voice) but probably not by name, and who seemed to move with ease from comedy to drama without missing a beat. I was trying to remember some of my favorite performances, and after Godfather II, When Harry Met Sally, Spinal Tap, and Donnie Brasco I was drawing a blank, so I hopped over to imdb for a little Bruno refresher.

As you can see he was on the receiving end of quite a bit of ethnic casting, but when your real name was Bruno Giovanni Quidaciolu Jr., you shouldn’t be too surprised to find yourself portraying Young Clemenza, Tommy Pischedda, Lou Buonomato, Bobby DeVito, and Vincent Bugliosi. Of course, not all of the roles came with cool names and memorable dialog and sometimes you’re left on the cutting room floor, or worse, as a background extra. But if you love the work, you take the job..

Which is my awkward way of getting to how imdb describes Bruno Kirby’s brief appearance in William Friedkin’s hacktacular and hacked-up Cruising, a film about a serial killer haunting the S&M gay scene in New York. Well, I’ll let imdb explain it:

Cruising (1980) (uncredited) …. Man greasing up his fist in club

You know, somewhere someone is reading that and thinking, “Oh yeah. That guy.”

The things we do for love…

(Added): The fab David E on Cruising.

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