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Where’s the Outrage?

I know Christy has already weighed in on this, but I just could not help myself.

Over the course of the last couple of weeks the media has made it clear that public officials (or those desiring to be such) are responsible for the opinions of those who support them (if and only if they are bloggers — talk radio shock jocks seem to have some kind of special dispensation).  There is evidently a new rule in place that if those supporters express opinions with which those individuals do not agree, it is incumbent upon them to be publicly answerable nonetheless.

Fine.  I think we need to see a little consistency here, don’t you?

Now that Wolcott’s perennial favorite, Pamela Atlas, has plunked herself down to interview  John Bolton (not once but twice), I think we’re entitled to know — does Bolton stand chest-to-chest with all of Pammie’s opinions?  Because for someone who is apparently one vote away from a filibuster, that would indeed be news.  You can see Pam in all her glory in the YouTube above.  

Glenn Greenwald:

Does John Bolton support the sentiments which spew forth every day from his supporter, journalist Pamela Oshry? Bush officials have long gotten away with kowtowing to the most virulent extremists who compose the base of their support. Now they are using those same extremists as pretend journalists who "interview" them. Maybe some of the intrepid journalists who wrote all about the fascinating Ned Lamont blackface scandal can take a look at some of the statements made by John Bolton’s favorite supporter and see if there might be a story there about the sentiments which are routinely spewed from that crowd. Is this a person to whom top Bush officials should be giving "interviews" and soliciting their support?

How about it, Howard KurtzChris MatthewsWolf BlitzerWhere’s your outrage?  I defy anyone to watch that YouTube above, read a couple of Pamela’s more scintillating columns and tell me why the new journalistic canon with regard to bloggers should not go double for Bolton and Miss Thumbs.  Where’s her invitation to be on Hardball, Chris?  I do not think the world should be deprived.  Couple of voddies, a fish tank and a stylist pulling from Trashy Lingerie and you’ve got a ratings bonanza on your hands, my man.  Let’s see who the would-be UN Ambassador is in bed with (metaphorically speaking, of course).

Digby and Retardo have more on this tit-for-tat.  I think somebody should be putting these questions to John Bolton, don’t you?

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