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Well, this is some interesting stuff:  (from the Waturbury, CT, Republican-American newspaper)

Under a formula, the donations can increase up to six times the limit, after certain threshold levels are exceeded by the wealthier candidate. In a little over two weeks, Lieberman managed to raise what the average incumbent senator collected in a year and a half during the 2004 election cycle, the Washington-based research group, the Center for Responsive Politics, said.

Lieberman’s list is nearly 200 handwritten pages long, containing the names of more than 700 individuals and Political Action Committees, representing business and special interest groups. The contributions total six figures on some days. The filings contain many well-known individual donors, including Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, former New York City mayor Ed Koch and executives at major companies, among them Hartford-based United Technologies Corp.

The PACs that gave to Lieberman include the Chicago Board of Trade, Tyco International, Verizon Communications, AT&T, Bank of America, Microsoft and Eastman Kodak. Lieberman’s PAC money for the two and a half weeks totaled more than $220,000. Lamont’s list is shorter — each report contains only a few names and donations that seldom break the $10,000 mark on a given day….

Only about 15 percent of Lieberman’s contributions of $1,000 or more came from Connecticut donors, while almost half of Lamont’s big givers lived within the state….

Not one more word…not one…about how all of Lamont’s support came from out-of-state meanie bloggers. Not one.  Joe Lieberman took full advantage of the incumbent protection racket financing provisions that the Congress passed for itself, and raked in some serious buckage as he neared the end of the Democratic Primary.  

But I’d love to see a lot more ink on who all of those last-minute big money donors were to the Lieberman campaign. And why. Wouldn’t you?

I think it’s time to shine some light under a whole lot of big ole’ rocks.

(And in case you missed it yesterday, Crooks and Liars has video up of Howard Dean’s appearance on Meet the Press.  It’s quite well done, he says clearly that he supports the Democratic candidate, Ned Lamont — unlike Mehlman who can’t say outright that he supports the Republican, so I smell another candidate lurking in the background there.  Every day Joe Lieberman stays in this race is another day that takes away from Democratic strength in the general election for the Senate and for a number of House races in Connecticut.  Dean makes it quite clear that Lieberman has to go.  Period.  End of story.  It’s a refreshing moment of candor in political teevee, and well worth a watch.)

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