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In my whole life, I did not anticipate that the United States Ambassador to the United Nations — a person who represents our nation’s image and values and philosophy to the entire world — would be so desperate for attention and fawning adulation, that he would consent to a one-hour-long interview with questions like this:  (via TBogg)

Pamela: So much faith in the Lebanese government I do not understand. A puppet of Syria, who is a puppet of Iran. Iran is Barzini here. You see the Godfather? Okay? So a question about it. Who props up that government? I mean if the Israeli, if the IDF, which is, although when I was in Israel, I gotta tell you, a bunch of baby-faced kids. I know they’re always portrayed in the media with Darth Vader helmets and the Israeli war machine. I’m telling you, the cutest kids ever. But if they couldn’t contain, and I think there’s an element of that that no one really wants to talk about. I wonder how much the US government was surprised that Israel didn’t go in, bing-bang-boom, and knock these suckers out. Forget about Israel for a second, even though it’s difficult for me, right and wrong, good and evil, and all that. Let’s discuss real politics, shall we? It’s in America’s best interest that Hezbollah be eliminated. I mean this is not just Israel’s problem. You know who Hezbollah is. You know where they are.  Let’s discuss real politics, shall we? It’s in America’s best interest that Hezbollah be eliminated. I mean this is not just Israel’s problem. You know who Hezbollah is. You know where they are. So I think there was an element of surprise. Do I think it’s Olmert’s weakness? I do. Did I campaign wildly for Bibi? I did. Do I have a vote? I don’t. So I think Israel also, you know it’s interesting, when I was in Israel, you could see the country was in short of like a shock, like a 9/11 shock. Here they had banked so much on land for peace and peace, even this sh–, even a bad peace, sorry about that, John, is better than a good war, so to speak, although I don’t subscribe to that. I understand that the current, modern civilization does, to which they’re going to pay dearly, but that’s besides the point. …

It keeps on going, and going and going, but my eyes started to bleed and my brain was screaming for mercy.  So I had to cut the quote off there.  TBogg, a giant among men, has the entire question — and remember, it’s only ONE question, out of a whole passel of them — for your reading…erm…what’s the polar opposite of pleasure?

Glenn asks some very good questions this morning about this interview, and a number of others that the Administration has granted to partisan hacks only:  why is it that the Administration consistently gets a pass for doing interviews with partisan shills who spew forth some of the most vile and disgusting speech on a regular basis?  Without anyone in the "media" publicly holding the Administration accountable for this?

I’d like to know the answer to that myself — and why people who are supposed to be media watchdogs like Howard Kurtz, have Charles Johnson of LGF on the show as a legitimate representative of "conservative values," as Kurtz did yesterday on CNN.  (And, may I say, kudos to Arianna for getting her points across so well yesterday.)

(Maybe it’s just because I’m on my first cuppa coffee, but this poster cracked me up this morning — Mr. ReddHedd sent me the link to this website in an e-mail, and I’ve been giggling ever since.  And this particular poster was too perfect for the wingnutty idiocy of the day, so I give huge thanks to the nerdy genius that is Star Trek Inspirational Posters.  Live long and prosper, funny poster creator.)

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