A bad case of Jesus envy

Well they do have pretty good music…

There is no argument on The Corner that Jonah can’t jump into and make an interesting, and by “interesting” we mean “pulled out of his butt“, observation:

Atheists and Agnostics [Jonah Goldberg]
I think JPod’s point is basically right, but I think it misses an aspect of the American political landscape worth emphasizing. While the numbers of people who identify themselves to pollsters as agnostics and atheists is demonstrably small — as John demonstrated — I think the number of people who are closet agnostics is probably much larger. I also suspect that a very large number of people suffer from cognitive dissonance and think they believe in God but at the same time live their lives on a daily basis as if they do not. I don’t have evidence handy at the moment, but I’m pretty sure I’m right. And I think this reality results in a lot of people disliking or resenting authentically religious people for a constellation of reasons, high among them envy. And that has very real consequences on our political debates even though, according to the polls, our culture wars are between God-believers of the left and God-believers of the right.

Now I agree that with Jonah that there are probably a lot of people who are “closet agnostics” because our society isn’t exactly welcoming to the non-believers but, as an atheist, I can’t say that I have ever disliked or resented a deeply religious person out of envy.

  • Sanctimony? Sure.
  • Hypocrisy? You bet.
  • Religious busybody trying to foist their beliefs on me because they feel called to witness for Jesus by the voices in their head? Hell, yeah.
  • Wouldn’t have premarital sex, much less allow over-the-bra groping, because of religious beliefs? Color me guilty.
  • Envy? Not so much.
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