Victory is just a new slogan away

What this war needs is a good re-branding:

Stay the course–finally, dead and buried [Rich Lowry]
Per Ken Mehlman on “Meet the Press,” the new GOP catchphrase on Iraq is “adapting to win,” rather than “stay the course.” This is a huge improvement. The last thing you want to say about a war that’s not going very well is that you are going to keep doing what you’re already doing—so “adapting” is much better than “staying.” Also, it’s important to get the word “win” in there. This is nice word-smithing, but it’s conditions on the ground that really count.

One imagines Rich wonders where Mehlman was back when this happened:

Although, you have to admit, “We’re Adapting” or “We’re Adapting To Win” or “Give Us A Minute. We’re Thinking” all lack a certain nipple-hardening triumphalism.

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