Next we’ll go after the intlektuls.
You know? The book larnin’ folk…

Not a fan of Pynchon, I see.

If you can’t make friends, at least identify some more potential enemies:

Let’s see how the “Pope was a Nazi!” crowd copes with this:

Germany was rocked by the revelations last night that Günter Grass, its greatest living author and doyen of the Left, was a member of Hitler’s elite Waffen-SS.

The Nobel laureate, who has been the country’s moral guide for decades, admitted in an interview published today that he became a member of the infamous Nazi corps at the age of 17.

Germany’s “moral guide”, was he? Tough gig.


UPDATE II. Leftist authors sure do love tyrants. Here’s Gabriel García Márquez—like Grass, a Nobel Prize winner—on Fidel Castro…

Yes, they can no longer abide the authors of The Tin Drum and One Hundred Years of Solitude.

Quite frankly, we are reaching the point where literary acceptability with be limited to The Bible, The Hunt For Red October, The Turner Diaries, and the parts of 1984 that they haven’t mastered yet.

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