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The Plot Thickens

So here’s how the plot was going to work. 20 men of South Asian descent, traveling in pairs, buy tickets for flights the US on-line. They pack their carry-ons carefully, with their bottles of acetone and hydrogen peroxide. They’re a little nervous as they approach Check-In, but confident that things will go well. And then the woman behind the desk asks the first question:

Tickets and passports?

The two South Asians look at each other, start stammering right away, their nervousness showing.

Um, uh, well, um, you see, we don’t have passports. But can you let us on a plane to America anyway??

At which point the ticket clerk starts laughing hysterically at the foolishness of anyone who believes you can get on a flight to America without a passport.

But don’t laugh! The big terror bust the other day? Not only didn’t the terrorists have plane tickets yet, but some of them didn’t even have passports!!!

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