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(thanks to Dependable Renegade reader Tom A. for this pic) 

For the week ending 8/12/06: 

Behold, my pretties, the beginning of the end of the Era of the Walk-Talkers.  You know who I mean – the criminal bedwetters who believe that greed is a virtue and fear is a "productive emotion." Walk-Talkers insist that those pesky constituents can’t possibly understand the intricacies of governance and articulate their own needs better than those firmly entrenched within the Beltway. Inveterate lie-spinners, they presume that election (preferably their own) equals life tenure. Walk-Talkers are men and women who beat their sunken chests (or artificially inflated ones – yes, you know who I’m talking about) and spew martial codswallop and hyper-moralistic invective, sending soldiers off to die in battle in order to leech their courage.  You know these people – they talk the talk, but when it comes to the walking part, they have "other priorities."

The Republicans’ favorite Democrat Joe Lieberman’s loss (because let’s face it, Joe – you lost, failed, did not win, struck out, came in second, coughed up the ball, blew it, tanked, whiffed, got pwn3d) and his arrogant, disdainful dismissal of the will of the people of Connecticut represents, in this closet optimist’s opinion, the impending downfall of the Walk-Talkers. P.T. Barnum and Copernicus were both right, Joe. Contemplate that for a second.

To quote the Rude One:

Lieberman lost because he was wrong, on the war, on indecency, on torture, on Social Security, and more, more, more. He lost not because he said he was right, but because he tried to say that wrong was right.

Lieberman lost like so many others will, mostly Republican, because they hitched their wagons to George Bush’s star and that fucker went supernova.

But not before one last, well-timed "Hail Mary" terrorist alert by Lieberman’s BFF…

Charlie Pierce rallies the leg-eating blogociraptors onward to the next primary in Rhode Island.  Watch out, Chafee!  According to wingnut logic, the Generalissimo Kos is going to make your loss look like the landing at Omaha Beach.

The Editors reviews Joe’s loss and comes to the conclusion that Lieberman is out on his kiester because . . . well . . . he’s Joetarded. Even so, "[t]he big loser here is, of course, George W. Bush, who lost his beard when Joe lost his party."

General J.C. Christian agrees with Marty Peretz on Ned Lamont’s friends:  "Pigmentation is scary." 

Spork provides another view of The Day After.   So very, very sad.  Or not.

World O’ Crap dons the waders to review a Felafel Boy analysis of the Lamont win and its impact on Middle East affairs.  "As Bill notes, Liberman lost the Connecticut primary to “a rich guy” and you know how Bill hates the rich and famous with their fancy airs and landau roofs and indoor plumbing." 

Uggabugga provides Joe’s new bumper sticker. 

Brad R. over at Sadly, No! uncovers a terrorist plot to raise money. No wait, those are just Republicans trying to capitalize on the terrorist plot du jour. I’d like to sic Wedgie Man on them.

Over at Hairy Fish Nuts, professional loon Debbie Schussel is having a massive hissy over the eerily coincidental timing of the terrorist plot and the release this week of "Snakes on a Plane."  Oh, Debbie.  You’ve been mainlining the Vicks Vapo Rub again. 

Kung Fu Monkey stares down the latest terrorist plot and goes all "hai-KEEBA!" on the Republican fearmongering.

And finally, Roger Ailes tries out a few numbers for the audience waiting on line at the airport:

"Rush Limbaugh was once again detained at the Palm Beach Airport for carrying contraband on his return flight from the Dominican Republic. In his defense, Rush claimed, ‘That’s not hair gel.’"

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