The Spin I’m In: We’ll Bring You Down

After Joe Lieberman’s non-concession speech on Tuesday night, The Rolling Stones’ "Start Me Up" started blaring through my TV. For your reading pleasure, a pull quote from the song:

You make a grown man cry

You make a dead man cum

Great lyrics, but pretty raunchy for a political campaign, no? These lyrics have unfortunately been painting a really ugly picture in my head since Tuesday night’s election. Who chose that song for a politician? Weird. 

I’ve had another question since Tuesday night. Do The Rolling Stones know that this dangerous nerd is publicly using their saucy rock song as a rallying cry for… himself?

The Stones released a track called "Sweet Neo Con " on their last album that really socked it to the right wing. I highly doubt that Mick & co. would touch neo con-lover Lieberman with a ten foot pole. I’d get my people on it.

Being a recording artist myself, I was interested in finding out exactly what kind of rights an artist has protecting their material from usage in this way. I decided to call on a friend; attorney Joseph J. Madonia of Chicago, to get the skinny on the legalities. According to Joseph, "the campaigns not only have to pay for the usage of the song, they also have to get permission from the artist or artist’s representative. If permission is not obtained this would be a copyright infringement, and also a possible violation of the Lanham Act which protects the artist’s rights from a false sense of sponsorship or affiliation." 

There is a pretty extensive article on the history of campaign songs at though the article makes no mention of Tom Petty and John Hall of Orleans siccing  their lawyers with cease and desist papers on George W. for soiling their songs "I Won’t Back Down" and "Still The One" during W’s 2000 campaign rallies. George Bush Sr. had the gall to use Woody Guthrie’s "This Land Is Your Land". Is that gross or what? My friend seems to remember Bruce Springsteen getting on Reagan’s ass about using "Born In The USA" way back in the day. 

A few words about this week’s Spin.

Jim Noir is a new artist that I’ve really been digging and got turned on to this week. His above video and song "My Patch" goes out to all of the voters who got tired of getting egged and brought down the big turkey in Connecticut this week.

"Blossom (Got To Get It Out)" by Komeda is by far the most rockin’ and positive party songs I’ve heard in a long time. The sample on I-Tunes does not do this song justice. I’m telling you, it jams. Even the most musically discerning (snooty) of my musician friends cannot resist this song.

I wanted to include Hit The Road Jack, however I-Tunes apparently has everyone’s version of that tune, including Helen Reddy’s, except for Ray Charles. What is up with that?

Thanks so much to all of you who listened to me play on the radio last night. Thanks for the emails. Very sweet.My band will be playing The Scene in beautiful downtown Glendale, CA on Saturday Aug. 12th. More info at
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The Spin iMix In: We’ll Bring You Down


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This is the sixth installment of The Spin I’m In by Donita Sparks. Her weekly column for features a different playlist each week centered around a different theme. This week’s theme is a victory dance for the FDL community to celebrate the Ned Lamont Democratic primary win in the CT Senate race held on August 8th.

Lamont’s victory over incumbent Senator Joseph Lieberman was hailed as a major achievement for the Netroots by many in the MSM and the credit for the win goes mostly to Jane Hamsher and the community at FDL. Hamsher’s early promotion of Lamont’s candidacy was the catalyst behind the wider support of the entire Netroots community that led to early fundraising and media coverage that was decisive in this victory. This week’s playlist is dedicated to everybody at FDL that helped make this possible!

The Spin I’m In: We’ll Bring You Down



My Patch                                            

Blossom (Got To Get It Out)               

These Boots Are Made For Walkin’    

Liar, Liar                                             

Do You Wanna Go Party                    

Death Party                                         

World’s A Mess It’s In My Kiss          

Hit The Road Jack*                             



Jim Noir


Nancy Sinatra

The Castaways

KC & The Sunshine Band

The Gun Club


Ray Charles

Cheap Trick

David Bowie

* indicates a song not appearing in The Spin iMix In

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