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I had tons of fun in Connecticut, but with no one moreso than Ed & Keith (ctkeith and deanfan84), the two guys who started  They partnered up in an attempt to organize striking workers for Dean at Yale in ’03 and have been at it together ever since.  I travelled all over the state with Ed & Keith and the Kiss Float.  They know every local politician, every staffer, every township in the state.  They are inspirationl citizen activists who discovered how to use blogs to spread their message and organize with others of like mind.  They were both indefatigable and unfailingly polite to Lieberman and his staff members wherever they went.

Their most famous piece of political theater, however, was the dissemination of the "kiss" image via buttons (which grew to gargantuan size in the form of the Kiss Float).  It may well be the iconic image of the ’06 election.  Truck-driver-turned-activist ctkeith raided his family’s vacation fund in order to make them, and he’s now in the process of restocking it by selling the buttons on ebay.  His truly fabulous kids Cody (11)  Michaella (9) have been really generous in sharing their dad and all his free time during the race, so if you were thinking that you might like a souvenir of this amazing grass roots triumph you can order one (or many!) here on on ebay.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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