The No-Class War

A tempestuous young Marty Peretz pulls a shiv
on his academic advisor at Brandeis

Marty Peretz is an amusing man.

He uses his wife’s money to fund his suckhole of a hobby (Jesus, wouldn’t a mistress be cheaper?). He thinks that Michael Bloomberg is heckuva independant guy, in much the way that being a billionaire can make, well, pretty much anyone independant particularly when you can spend $73 million to get yourself elected. Joe Lieberman we all know is just a poor schlemiel barely getting by with a little help from the pin money that his wife brings in. But Ned Lamont: total rich guy country club elitist.

I also believe that Lieberman will probably be helped by the case of the would-be airplane terrorists arrested in Britain. This episode shows that Islamofascism is a real threat to civilized life and that it must be fought severely and wholeheartedly. I don’t know if Ned Lamont has thought seriously about this. It seems so remote from life in Greenwich. But, if he plays true to form, he might suggest taking the whole issue before the United Nations. That would be a gracious setting. After all, Lamont can no longer avail himself of the country club he quit on the eve of his primary campaign.

If only Ned Lamont had lived the hellish rough and tumble life of Marty Peretz where death can be as quick as a switchblade and the only way to get off the streets is either in a coffin or with an advanced degree from an Ivy league college.

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