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If It Weren’t for My Meddling Staffers…


Looks like Atilla the Hen will have time for that vacation after all:

Lieberman said he not bothered by losing the support of his Democratic peers, noting he lost Tuesday’s primary even with their support.

"In the end the people make up their own minds and this is going to be a people’s campaign," Lieberman said.

Lieberman said Wednesday that he fired his campaign manager and spokesman, and asked for the resignations of his campaign staff.

"We did not answer, adequately answer, the distortions of my record on Iraq and my relationship with George Bush, that the Lamont campaign put out," said Lieberman, who said he didn’t blame campaign workers.  (emphasis mine)

Oh, I see. The fact that the Democratic party leadership, his Democratic party friends, and a majority Democratic voters all want him to step aside doesn’t matter.  The fact that Joe Lieberman lost the primary doesn’t count in his mind because apparently the fact that he couldn’t win a majority of the Democratic primary voters was done absent Republicans "people."  M-kay.

And if only his staffers had done a better job of making Joe Lieberman seem less like Joe Lieberman, he would have won, according to Joe Lieberman.  But he doesn’t blame them, even though they have now all been fired, so that he can re-staff himself with people who believe in him more adequately. 

This has now crossed the line to incredibly pathetic territory.

(Vacationing chicken graphics love to Fowl Humor.  This picture cracked me up!)

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Christy Hardin Smith

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