Project Runway: Wassa Matta With My Schmatta Edition

You’re supposed to be married by Fat Elvis,
not marry Fat Elvis
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White Lace and Rocket Fire: Israeli Couples Won’t Let the War Ruin Their Wedding Day

The dancing went on for hours, with brides swathed in satin and tulle hoisted high on chairs and on shoulders along with their young grooms, smiling at last.

Fifteen couples from northern Israel whose weddings had been canceled because of the war took leave of rocket fire and bomb shelters to marry in a group ceremony just after sunset on Tuesday on the campus of Tel Aviv University.

The couples streamed down a grassy hill toward their individual wedding canopies hung with lanterns and flowing white gauze, each with room for their own guests.

“It’s like a dream,” said David Saadiv, 31, a groom from Haifa, walking hand in hand with his bride, a fellow immigrant from the former Soviet Union, Olesia Yurov, 23.

Up until today it never occured to me that Hezbollah might be entirely made up of fashion critics armed with Katyushas.

Vera Wang ululates in sorrow…

(Okay. The dresses on the right are very nice, but the one on the left looks like it was purchased off the rack at Fredericks of Haifawood.)

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