Slow dance on the killing ground

In our house every Tuesday is Taco Tuesday when we invite over our Aztlan Overlords and plan La revolución. Later we whack a Michelle Malkin piñata and have flan.

On Wednesday night it is Father/Daughter Night at Casa de Tbogg, when the lovely and talented Casey and I go out to dinner, just the two of us, and talk about school and the Red Sox and soccer and the Padres and college and the suck-ass Yankees. Then we come home and whack a Michelle Malkin piñata and have Ben & Jerry’s.

Tonight is no different.

But before I go I wanted thank the following individuals for their generosity:

  • David in San Francisco for the The Passion of Joan of Arc – Criterion Collection DVD
  • Lori in Seattle for the Collected- Massive Attack CD
  • Jeff in Bellingham for the Babette’s Feast DVD (if you haven’t seen this, you should)
  • and Candice in Los Angeles for both the Brahms: Cello Sonatas (Yo Yo Ma & Emanuel Ax) and the Eat Drink Man Woman DVD (see notes on Babette’s Feast above)

Thank you all very much.

It is nice to be appreciated, but I just want to remind people that I blog because I love it and because I care about what happens in the world.

The fact that it also causes four-hour erections merely gilds the lily.

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