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— AP Photo/Bob Child, Edgewood Magnet School in New Haven, Conn., Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2006.

Reader Bookwoman sends an update from a CT precinct:

I’m heading back for the afternoon shift handing out Lamont literature, but 2 quick success stories before I go.

The first Lamont conversion was actually from the head of our town registrar of voters. She has been a staunch Lieberman supporter until the tone of his campaign turned negative in the last few weeks. His mean-spirited demeanor was the driving force behind her change of mind. But then she said she the more she analyzed the Iraq War she had to admit what she didn’t want to: Joe is wrong.

And the second is such a “guy” story. My husband saw this gentleman pull up in a Porsche. Since we have a 356SC my husband can spot a Porsche owner a mile away. And so began the second conversion. They talked about political issues too, but it was the “car thing” that got it started.When the fellow finished voting he stopped by to say “I voted for your guy”. Sometimes it’s just the little thing that makes the difference. You never know.

Have I mentioned what a great bunch of readers and commenters we have?  Immanentize shares this:

OK, here is my bit which I mailed down today — I have many relatives in Connecticut; mostly in the Ridgefield area north of NYC. My aunt and uncle (in their seventies), two cousins and their five children. My aunt and uncle were lifelong Republicans until the Iraq war started, then they changed, out of protest, to independent/unaffilliated (in 2004). My one cousin is a Democtrat and the other is a cranky yankee independent. Two of their kids (is that second cousins?) were registered Democrats and the other three (in their early twenties) had never registered.

First, I went to work on my aunt who is a serious feminist/charismatic Catholic. I know, strange brew. But she is one powerful lady (like some I have met here). She was supporting Lieberman on the traditional women’s line but was concerned about the war — but she was not personally involved in that issue. Well, I have been sending her links and calling her about how much better Ned would be and kept hitting on the morning-after pill stuff (did I mention that out of the five grandchildren, all are women — and two are single moms). Finally got through to her about two weeks ago and I have let her do her magic on the family.

All are now registered to vote in the Democratic primary, and all but one are going with my aunt today to the polls. The difficult person has been the always Democrat who has a county job an dshe really like Lieberman. She said she was on th efence up to Saturday, and today, when I called her, she told me, “Ok OK! I voted for Lamont, ARE YOU HAPPY? Will you let me alone now?” and then she laughed.

So, 9 votes for Ned. And my extended family is closer for the experience.

Oh yeah, that just reeks of crazed, angry lunatic, doesn’t it? Hello, media — we are Americans, and we want our government to function properly. This ought not be a difficult thing to comprehend.

Urban Pirate reports in from North Stamford:

Reporting from North Stamford, CT – Prime Lieberman territory.

Turnout is light (139 people as of 10am), and decidedly pro-Lamont. I would estimate that before 9am it was 50/50 but from 9-10 it was at least 80% Ned.

As of 5am there were Vote Joe signs everywhere, by 11am the city sanitation people had thrown them all away.

No lieberman volunteers ANYWHERE. The dem machine had workers out this am, but each offered to me quietly that they supported Lamont.

People are energized for Lamont, with many voters coming over to me, and chatting for quite a while.

Going to phone bank now, and then back to the polls.

Interesting stuff from the ground, eh?  Here’s more from Kai:

So far so good…I’ve been postering in Stamford and Greenwich since 6am (”Vote Ned Lamont Today!”), and have also been giving rides to the polls in my hybrid (I even walked into the booth with a blind gentleman and pulled the lever for him, first time I’ve been in one of those things with company). The Lamont street presence seems far stronger than Lieberman’s. Must. Keep. Hustling…

More as we get it.  Please take a little time to share what’s going on with you today…

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