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With an abundance of caution I’d like to report that with polls just closed…people are very happy here in Connecticut.

I talked with Ali who is in from DC working on the GOTV and she said GOTV efforts in New Haven "kicked butt."  She said the turnout in the targeted districts is through the roof.  By the afternoon the Lamont campaign had already pulled  all their primary precincts in New Haven (already made contact with everyone in that precinct, they already voted or they are going to vote) and had moved onto secondaries in the  inner city.  

According to Tom Matzzie of MoveOn, there were 4600 people phone banking for Lamont through their site yesterday.  He estimated that conservatively there were 80,000-90,000 live calls made by volunteers.   Meanwhile there are only anecdotal accounts of what happened to the paid Lieberman effort on the street, but the reports are that the Lieberyouth were tossing flyers, 4 of 5 at the same house, not even bothering to hang them.  A DeStephano volunteer told Matt Browner-Hamlin that  they were  coming to Lieberman headquarters, taking their money and dumping shit they were supposed to be delivering in the trash. 

Mattzie says that he thinks there were close to 2,000 volunteers in the field for Lamont.  We won’t know until later what the final numbers are but it looks like the volunteers of the Lamont campaign smashed the paid force Lieberman tried to buy with their millions.

We’re hearing we may know something about the results in within the hour.  Stay tuned. 

You can find results here

(photo of the effervescent TRex and Spazeboy) 

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