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Spoke with Jane this morning.  She and TRex were having coffee and then heading out to the Sheraton in Meriden (where all the bloggers will be) to report from there for the rest of the day.  Jane will be checking in with me by phone and by e-mail, and she and TRex will also be chasing down leads and reporting directly by posts as well.

It’s going to be a busy day here at FDL — and we are going to try and bring you up-to-the-minute reports as we get them.  So hang onto your hats, gang, and keep the refresh button ready.  Will let you know as new updates get posted, so you won’t miss a thing.

And now, for some updates:

Steve Gilliard smacks the NYTimes and Gerstein upside the head for being sloppy, slack, and full of crap.  Pathetic, childish, unsubstantiated, fact free…and par for the course for Gerstein’s entire involvement in this campaign.

Matt Stoller at MyDD has a great breakdown of the last-minute donors to Lieberman’s campaign.  And it’s quite interesting.  Lieberman took in $1,343,350 in the last fifteen days.  You want to see where it came from, click through to MyDD.  You think all that money comes without expectations?

Tom Schaller at The GadFlyer is doing some great bits and pieces thinking about the campaign — and getting a few good quotes.  He’s got some great thoughts on the ground game that are well worth a read.

David Sirota has some thoughts on today’s election — and on the lobbyists who are pretending to be uninterested parties on the side of Lieberman.  (That Lanny Davis and Dan Goodstein try to pretend they are disinterested parties just supporting their pal is laughable.  That they would use the WSJ to do it…well, that’s telling, isn’t it?)

UPDATE:  And we have this in the comments from reader Snark:

I live in Hartford, and my polling place is at the local elementary school, right around the corner from my house. When I walked up there this morning before work, the Lamont volunteers were right there (no Lieberman people that I saw) and looked like they were ready for the long haul. I was going to vote for Lamont anyway, but when a little neighborhood girl there with her family gave me a Lamont voting card as I was walking in … I was sold.

Out there on the streets, the Lamont organization just plain looks honest. These are people who know their neighborhoods, who live here and work here and speak the language (in my neighborhood, both Spanish and English), and who want to be there, with their neighbors.

That’s one view from the casual voter, at least. Good luck, all.

I love these updates. If you are on the ground in Connecticut and handing out literature or want to talk about how things were when you voted this morning, please do so in the comments. We’re going to try and highlight the experiences of our readers who have been making calls, canvassing, volunteering and voting — so please, take a few minutes to share. And thanks!

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