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(You can follow results of the race here at WTNH)

8:28 pm — With 4% of precincts reporting, it’s 60/40 Lamont.  Chris Bowers is standing in front of the TV cheering. Should give you some idea of the sentiment in the room.

8:42 pm — 7% of precincts reporting.  It’s 56% Lamont/44% Lieberman.  Tom Schaller reports that Lieberman lost his home precinct in New Haven.

8:48 pm — TRex and Tom Tomorrow bonding over the Penguin.  Atrios drinking wine, Bowers with beer.  CT Blogger festooned with Kiss buttons.  All the reporters want to talk to CTBob.

9:14 pm — 25% reporting — 55% Ned and 45% Joe.

9:42 pm — 80% reporting — 53% Ned and 47 % Joe.  And a bit of an odd news item:  CTLocalPolitics blog reports that there was a moment of joy at Lieberman HQ when the wrong numbers were flashed up with the wrong names.  Ooops.

10:48 pm — Unofficial word from Jane — the race has gone to Lamont.  Lots of questions as to what Lieberman is going to do next.  No call from him as yet.  I asked Jane whether the speculation was that he would concede the Democratic primary and then say "see you in the General Election" or what — and there is no solid concensus on that as yet from anyone, bloggers and reporters alike.  Will update this when we can.  — CHS

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