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TRex and I are in Connecticut and we’ll be reporting from the ground all day on the Lamont/Lieberman race.  Already there are reports that there have been attempts to disrupt access to Lamont campaign offices, and Lieberman has imported street teams from Congressional Black Caucus member Chaka Fattah’s Philly-based political organization (very interesting to see competing members of the CBC flexing their muscle and vying for power in the situation — Maxine Waters has put everything she has into backing Lamont and pulled out all the stops.  She’s been absolutely amazing.)

Kirby and CTBob will be doing some live video blogging today over at his place. Favorite quote overheard so far today:  "Sorry MSNBC there’s no room for your camera on the stage, we have to make room for Spazeboy."  

Let’s just call this "the new politics" and enjoy watching it evolve.  Photo above taken by CTBob of me and Valley Girl (who works on FDL troll patrol), who I got to meet for the first time at Sullivan’s last night. This has been an amazing experience no matter the outcome. 

I’ll be back frequently throughout the day.  Oh and the next media outlet that lets Dan Gerstein spew his hysterical, unsubstantiated bullshit unchecked really needs to be held to account for it.  He really is the poster boy for the Lieberman campaign and everything that is wrong with it.

UPDATEColin McInroe has some turnout observations, for those who have been asking, along with a lot of other observations and reporting from CT.  He’ll be on the radio as well — you can find information on that in his bio.  We’ll get a link up as soon as we can get one for his online stream.  — CHS

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