…and this is the thanks I get.

What can I do to get on the right track
I wish they’d take some of these knives off my back
-The O’Jays

Lanny Davis walks point for Republicans for Lieberman and Mark Levin shoots him the back, pisses on the corpse, and sets the body on fire:

I’m intrigued by the bizarre attention so many conservative websites and bloggers are paying to Lanny Davis’s silly op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal.[…]

As an aside, no one has been more steadfast and thoughtful in his support of Israel than Rush (indeed, no one has been more intelligent in their exposition of conservatism than Rush). Moreover, George Bush — the Republican president Lanny Davis and his liberal ilk undermine on a daily basis — has been spectacular in his defense of Israel, unlike so many Davis’s fellow Democrats. And while Davis correctly condemns the poison flowing from his own side, this is a serious problem for the Left, not the Right. Our nuts are on the fringes; his nuts run the DNC, their PACs, and their think-tanks.

Davis was a mouthpiece for one of the most corrupt president’s in history. More to the point, Bill Clinton and his wife were specialists at using slurs and personal attacks against their opponents (including numerous women). Davis defended all of it.

We are nothing like the Left.

I hope Lanny already cashed the check. Since Joe lost, I smell buyers remorse…

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