Joe to Connecticut Democrats: “Fuck You”

I do not accept the decision of the voters

Classless till the end, Joe Lieberman concedes, announces that he will run as part of the First Second-Place Party, and then trashes Ned Lamont.

What. A. Dick.

Of course this will result in cash and resources that should be going to the real Democrats down ticket being spent fighting off a Vichy Democrat.

But it’s all about Joe.

The last big election?

George Bush 51%
John Kerry 48%

Ned Lamont 51.8 %
Joe Lieberman 48.2%

A walk through time (courtesy of Media Matters):

The Wall Street Journal: “The voters did [decide the election] — including millions of conservative first-timers whom the exit polls and media missed — emerging from the pews and exurban driveways to give President Bush what by any measure is a decisive mandate for a second term. … Just because an election is close doesn’t mean it isn’t decisive. … We do already know … that Mr. Bush has been given the kind of mandate that few politicians are ever fortunate enough to receive.” [Wall Street Journal editorial, “The Bush Mandate,” 11/4/04]

William J. Bennett, conservative author and nationally syndicated radio host: “Having restored decency to the White House, President Bush now has a mandate to affect policy that will promote a more decent society, through both politics and law. His supporters want that, and have given him a mandate in their popular and electoral votes to see to it.” [National Review Online, “The Great Relearning,” 11/3/04]

Tucker Carlson…oh, who cares what Tucker has to say?

Pat Buchanan, MSNBC political analyst: “There’s no doubt about it, this was a vote against, by the red-state folks who gave the victory to George Bush, it was a rejection of blue-state America. It was a rejection of their values, their attacks on the president. … And the idea, it seems to me, that somehow the folks who won should now surrender part of whatever mandate they have to the folks who lost — I can tell you, what we’re hearing on this panel, people out there in red-state America are finding it very offensive.” [MSNBC, Hardball with Chris Matthews, 11/3/04]

But that was pre-8/8/06 thinking…

(Added): Ezra in the same vein.

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