“In return for our support, they have promised us some land. And we shall proudly call it ‘I-Rand'”

Fresh from her return from the front where she was doing it For The Boys, Ambasadress Taggart heads home and finds an important telegram waiting:

UPDATE: From the David Holcberg, Ayn Rand Institute;

Western world leaders fear the escalation of the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah. But they should welcome it.

The current conflict between Israel and Hezbollah is a crucial battle in the war between Western civilization and the Islamic totalitarians who want to destroy it.

Western countries should not only help Israel to destroy Hezbollah, they should act to bring down the terror-sponsoring regimes in Syria and Iran.

The sooner we in the West engage and defeat these regimes, the safer we will be.

The people of Lebanon can now expect a bombardment of heavy volumes loaded with shrapnel and ballbearings turgid prose and cardboard characters.

Oh. The humanity.

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