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I just want to say how nice I think it is that the Lamont people are rising above the level of dirty politics being engaged in by the Luddite LieberLiars and their techno-challenged Hail Mary "liberal dogs ate my server" pass in offering to send a competent tech person over to fix Joe’s site.

The problem could’ve been fixed 15 hours ago if they’d bothered to simply switch their normally low-traffic site to another server when it began, but it seems to be serving their purposes.  I’m frankly at a loss to explain their reluctance to accept any help from the Lamont campaign, or secure it for themselves.

Can you say ratfuck?

Matt Stoller has more.

FYI:  Colin McEnroe just noted that the Secretary of State had projected 40% turnout this morning, and has now upped it to 50-55%, which is unheard of.  You can stream Colin’s show here.

Update:  Kos says:

[I] have the definitive answer as to why Lieberman’s site went down.

They are paying $15/month for hosting at a place called MyHostCamp, with a bandwidth limit of 10GB. MyHostCamp is currently down, along with all their clients.

Here’s the deal — you get what you pay for. My hosting bill is now over $7K per month. A smaller site doesn’t need that much bandwidth, but if you’re paying $15 because your $12 million campaign is too freakin’ cheap to pay for quality hosting, then don’t go blaming your opponent when your shitty service goes out.

Hey, Camp LieberLiar got the day’s worth of publicity out of it.  No downside for them, right?

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