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Help Wanted: Programmers for the Common Good


Many of you know we are close to completion of our Roots Project beta site.  This Drupal site will provide a social networking and organizing infrastructure for progressives all over the country.  Whether people want to create groups based on their local communities, based on issues of interest or even based on lifestyle interests and hobbies, our site will provide the infrastructure for common people to gather together for the common good.  The site will be a place to create tools and best practices designed by locals for others to copy and adapt to their own circumstances all across the country.  The focus of the site is to connect people, making the distinction between the grassroots and the netroots ultimately obsolete.

To get the site from its current 0.8 state to 1.0 during the next month, we need additional site development help.  Lambert from Correntewire, our highly talented and experienced lead developer, sent me the following information about who and what we need.  Please email me at pachacutec01 at gmail dot com if you think you can help.  Let me know what your programming experience has been and please provide me any references you may have that give me confidence you share our progressive values.   Those interested in helping complete what will be, I think, an historic project must be available for focused work right away, during this month of August.  Thanks!   

Here’s what we need:

I took the task list and put hours against the tasks, creating a SWAG. Of course, the total number of people required depends on the number of hours they can put in, as well as how good they are. So, I could be overestimating, because I don’t do JavaScript, for example. But with things being dynamic, and needing to test… I’d be happy to find that out.

With those caveats, this is the blurb:

1 (one) information architect — this is the person to structure the front page and the registration form. Methods differ; the deliverable could be scenarios, and/or a site map, and/or finished pages working with one of the developers.  (Ajax is probably not a solution, unless its very easy to maintain.)

2 (two) LAMP coders who know PHP, Drupal experience preferred. Not hackers. Need to accept high coding standards in Drupal — everything commented, code formatted, etc. Need to have attitude of building a community around the code, as well. No module creation is needed, but many small changes to existing modules, many of which might become Drupal patches to give back to the community.

1 (one) TinyMCE geek or Ajax/PHP expert to create "one-click" solution for media plugins to TinyMCE under Drupal. [Note that the task on this one points to an existing plugin, in PHP, that could possibly be ported to Drupal.]

2 (two) testers to completely exercise the existing site and all new development.

We need to get started right away, so please send me your email and qualifications if you are interested and available.  This is the last push and the specs have all been defined.  We’ve worked hard on the planning end to define the project well for the programmers, and we want to have the site development complete by our target date of August 25.  That will allow us to prepare for a splashy public launch and rollout right after that.

Thanks to everyone for helping us recruit the talent we need for this last push! 

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