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Master Jack, from the comments:

Please keep one thing in mind — this race is NOT a level playing field, by any means. The media coverage of this race has made it sound like it is, but Joe Lieberman enjoys the enormous built-in advantages of incumbency and name recognition, and now basically the entire American power structure has circled its wagons around the Senator, marshalling resources in a manner not seen since the Normandy invasion.

Meanwhile, Ned’s got the grassroots, the netroots, the CT town committees, a couple of unions, and the NYT. That’s all, folks.

That this race is even CLOSE is an immense breakthrough for people-powered politics. And I know we’re all sick of moral victories and we crave a real one, but this has become a basketball game between Liechtenstein and the United States. And we’re Liechtenstein.

We need to keep that in mind. This is NOT a level playing field, and we still have a chance to pull this off, 24 hours before gametime.

Lieberman has turned out the machine and he’s flooding the cities with cash — $150 per day for kids in Hartford (up from $60).  All we’ve got to combat that with are passion and commitment.  If you can volunteer to phone bank, you can do so through MoveOn here.  If you can make it to Connecticut to turn out the vote, you can get more info here .

As Arbogast said, "Fuck ‘em hard. This is for all the marbles."

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