A disproportionate response of neener-neenerism

The blogwars claim another victim
(Unretouched photo)… (No. Really)

Age-old enmities boiled over today as Rick the Lesser launched a totally unprovoked assault on my reputation leaving my infrastructure in flames and my self-esteem smoldering in the wreckage. Though still battle-weary from Patterico’s After-Midnight Suicide Mission, I seem to be holding up quite well from Moran’s surprise attack; an attack I might add, that would shrivel the scrotum of most mortals (providing said mortal is a male mortal also known as a Scrotal-American – we make 30% more than you non-scrots do! Wheeee!).

Anyway, here we publish, verbatim and totally not edited, manipulated, or kerned, the brightest flame in the filament and on the firmament. (You might want to ask the children to leave the room as well as any pets less than thirty pounds):

TBogg, in his usual incoherent and childish manner (is there a more immature intellect on the web?) essentially points out that yes, it’s bad that Reuters did this but RETHUGLICANS DO IT TOO…NYEAH, NYEAH, NYEAH. (One can almost see TBoy sticking his tongue out in a most defiant manner).

How very grown up of you. Maybe next year, your mama will let you go to the playground all by yourself as long as you look both ways before crossing the street…


Under normal circumstances a duel would be called for. Something adult along the lines of

“Oh yeah. Well fuck you.”

“No, fuck you.”

“No, fuck you.”

“No, fuck you.”

No, fuck you.”

..at which point we would run out of words to italicize and we’d have to call it a draw just like in Korea. Of course Rick would like to draw me into his ‘hood ( Algonquin, IL) where such disputes are settled in a best two-out-of-three clog-off, but Algonquinians don’t recognize West Coast clogz-stylin’ so I’m not representin’, yo.

And sure I could unload a Yo Mama bomb on him since he brought my mom into it:

Yo mama so hairy when you were born you almost died of rugburn

…but that would not only be wrong, but inappropriately ethnic.

So at this time I guess I will have respond in a suitable Moran milieu (I’m ballparking it as an overly bright seven year-old) with a robust :

Oh, yeah. Well you’re just a big poopy-head baby.

Take that. Bitch.

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