Pierced through the heart

The best description I’ve heard so far about Joe Lieberman’s death spiral:

Lieberman’s in trouble because he went hook, line, and soundbite for the notion that PNAC’s Excellent Adventure in Iraq had something to do with the fight against al Qaeda. That’s a mistake worth losing an election over. But, beyond that, the desperate tap-dancing above bespeaks someone who’s spent far too long being told he’s funny by the likes of Don Imus, important by the likes of Tim Russert, and a good Democrat by the likes of Sean Hannity.

Needless to say, should Lieberman lose and choose not to run as an independant, he will then make a career out of frequent apperances on all of the above shows explaining why the Democrats are wrong about everything.

If I were Pat Caddell, I’d take that job a Chick-fil-A.

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