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Dan Gerstein, official house LieberWhiner whose accusations of anti-semitism against the liberal blogosphere have yet to provide any actual proof in the form of one (just one, let’s have it, even one) single blog post that could be construed as such, finds his former pro-Joe blog…shutting down three days before the primary.

Get out your hankies, LieberDem is no more.

I find it highly amusing that Michelle Malkin, Anne Coulter, the Red State racists, Sean Hannity and other paragons of reptillian brain wingnuttery are so addicted to their own sense of victimhood and martyrdom that they could not help reaching for the anvil that is Joe Lieberman just as he is circling the drain.  It certainly lays waste to the lie that Lieberman is some kind of moderate — these people do not do moderate and they would not be the slightest bit interested in defending him if he did, either.

I have no idea what the result will be on Tuesday — probably a lot closer than my stomach would wish — but as Sirota says today, everything that JoeMentum, the Wingnuts, K-Street, interest groups (hello, NARAL!) stand for is threatened by this race:

You can also take a look at right-wing neoconservative icon Robert Kagan’s piece in the Washington Post lamenting how Lieberman is supposedly the "last honest man" in politics – a desperate attempt to distract attention from Lieberman’s open, brazen, disgusting, insulting lies about Iraq and Social Security. Kagan wants us to believe that "the questioning of [Lieberman’s] Democratic credentials is absurd given that he was, after all, the party’s candidate for vice president in 2000" – right, because to DC insiders, that VP-nominee distinction is a good excuse to make sure no one looks at Lieberman’s moves to sellout working people on issues like trade or health care.

This is what it all comes down to, folks. Washington lobbyists, Enron shills, and right-wing neoconservative ideologues in D.C. will keep showering Lieberman in cash and praise because Lieberman has served them so obediently over the years. And they are afraid that Lamont might actually be a Senator who represents ordinary people that they could not control.

That is what this race is all about. That is why the Washington cocktail party circuit is freaking out as never before. They know that this could be the beginning of the end of the era where American politics is their exclusive property, where public policy is handed down from their gated communities in Northern Virginia, and where the future of this country is decided in air conditioned office suites on K Street. They are, in short, having a collective temper tantrum that small-d democracy actually still exists in America. And come Tuesday, if we work as hard as possible, we’re going to show them that their panic is justified – because we’re taking our country back.

At least Joe Klein had the good sense to bail while the getting was good.  Others have too much invested in the status quo to cut bait now.  I guess LieberDem smelled the coffee and got the hell out of the Joementum business, but I have to say, it’s pretty skanky to turn your back on the guy three days before the primary.  It is such a vicious dagger in Joe’s back, setting up a site like that and then deciding the whole endeavor was too pathetic to stick with even for a couple more days.

We backed Ned Lamont even when it seemed hopeless.  Joe’s supporters couldn’t even crank out a couple of more blog posts just for the sake of appearances.  That’s actually kind of sad.

Meahwhile, the Lamont campaign continues its innovative strategies.  Matt Stoller has more here.

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