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I was typing my little fingers to the bone telling people to come to Connecticut for the big GOTV push for Lamont when the Kevin Rennie piece came out, essentially saying "Lieberman’s throwing in the towel and trashing his field staff."  The bullshit meters went off instantly.  Shortly thereafter Dan Balz ran the same thing in the WaPo, and we all know their talent for right-wing stenography.

It felt like an extremely Rovian attempt to suppress and discourage the Lamont GOTV effort.  If he’s going to win by a landslide anyway, and Lieberman isn’t putting up a fight any more, why bother, right?

Except according to people on the street, that isn’t what’s happening.  Rather than take dictation from Marion  Slimefels, we contacted folks who actually took the time to check out the claim.  Maura visited the Stamford office for Lieberman this morning, and has this to say:

I drove by the LieberOffice in Stamford and even pulled into the parking lot to get a look at what’s going on, and it’s PACKED with LieberShirted people.  Just as much or more activity than usual.  I also passed two LieberShirted people on a sidewalk in another neighborhood when I was driving to the dentist this morning, so I assume they’re still out strong canvassing.

 It could be he’s considering Stamford the Last Stand for Lieberman, but it seems unlikely that he’d still have so much activity here and none anywhere else.

And in Hartford, TrueBlueCT says:

I went to the New Haven office this morning and I spied Rosa DeLauro’s campaign manager — she loaned out her field people to Joe for the race.  And they know New Haven better than anyone.  The Lieberman kids were running in and out, "give me new lists" — they give them a street at a time.  They go, they do the street, they come back, thumbs up, they go do another street.  I saw 50, 60, 70 people coming and going.  They’re not rolling over.

This thing is not over, not by a longshot.  The internal polling of both candidates says that the race is much closer than the Q-Poll indicates, and it’s all down to the ground game now.  Lieberman is trying to de-incentivize the Lamont GOTV effort with disinformation.  If you care about a victory on Tuesday, get yourself to Connecticut.

Besides, it is one big fat fucking PARTY here.  Starting tomorrow night we’re going to be meeting up every evening for drinks in in New Haven, and we’re having the kind of fun people have when they come together to do something vital for a really good cause.  

It’s historic, it’s important, and it’s something you’ll always remember.  Join us and kick some NeoCon ass.  Watch the wingnuts scream in the wake of grassroots activists pounding the pavement. 

Twenty years from now, you’ll want to be able to say you did this. 

~~Moderator Note: RevDeb has a link comment #49 For those who want to help Ned Lamont but can’t make it to Connecticut, is hosting a Virtual Phone Bank. (sorry I don’t know how to link)

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