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Assault, Battery and Other Desperate Loser Tactics


The Joe Lieberman Rude and Crude Squad made the local papers this morning

…Lieberman supporters piled into every booth at the tiny eatery and snatched up every seat at the counter roughly half an hour before Lamont’s sched­uled arrival. Then, as he walked down the sidewalk from Sher­man Avenue, they threw on white Lieberman T-shirts and waited. Moments later, they pounced.

Initially, Lamont appeared stunned by the ambush. Howev­er, he remained composed throughout the ordeal. He attempted to answer each question and made an effort to shake many of his opponent’s supporters’ hands at the second of two cam­paign stops in the city Thurs­day. After both sides sparred for several minutes, Lamont left the restaurant without ever sam­pling one of Ted’s famous steamed cheeseburgers.

“It’s disappointing. We’re try­ing to have a civil race and I didn’t hear anyone ask me about the issues in there. I think that’s been Joe’s tactic all along,” Lam­ont said outside the restaurant minutes later. “He won’t do a debate, but he’ll hire these peo­ple to do what they’re doing.” “We were coming just to show him a local business and you hide in there and put your shirts on at the last moments — it’s childish,” said Millie Torres­ Ferguson to a Lieberman sup­porter. Torres-Ferguson is House Majority Leader Christo­pher G. Donovan’s executive assistant. "It was supposed to be a laid-back event and (they) ruined it."

"We’re just using our right. We’re just exercising our rights to enjoy a burger," said Lieberman supporter Alex Hoffman of Boston….

Ahhh, yes, the weaselly "I didn’t do anything" approach to acceptance of responsibility. (Yep, I’ve never heard that one before as a prosecutor.  *rolls eyes*)  Good one, Alex, and completely believeable given your screaming friends, the shoving of a Connecticut senior citizen and the bloodied nose of a journalist covering the event. And, how was that burger?  Wonder if Alex, from Boston, was paid $60 for the day to be rude to local Connecticut residents?  Classy.

See here and here and here and here for more.

There were reports that a senior citizen was shoved, and that a photographer for one of the news services got a bloody nose in the Lieber-scrum, so I thought a little discussion on the elements of criminal assault and battery might be in order.  (No particular reason.  Why do you ask?)

Assault is defined as:  A crime that occurs when one person tries to physically harm another in a way that makes the person under attack feel immediately threatened. Actual physical contact is not necessary; threatening gestures that would alarm any reasonable person can constitute an assault.

Battery is defined as:  A crime consisting of physical contact that is intended to harm someone. Unintentional harmful contact is not battery, no mater how careless the behavior or how severe the injury. A fist fight is a common battery; being hit by a wild pitch in a baseball game is not.

As a public service, I’m just providing some general definitions for your perusal.  If you are in Connecticut, say, and someone gets physical with you while, just hypothetically speaking of course, wearing a Lieberman shirt and is paid by the Lieberman campaign to create a scene in a packed diner, and you feel threatened and all…well, you might want to contact the local authorities and discuss the meaning of assault and how you are feeling.  You know, just to be certain that you fully understand the definition…and that the person with whom you had icky interaction understands it as well.  I’m just saying.

But wait, there is more.  And this is my favorite part of the whole saga.  Do you see the fellow in the middle of the picture above?  Well, here he is from earlier this week, I have confirmed, stealing a sign from a small child:


Same guy.  Stealing signs from children and helping to rough up senior citizens — all in the same week.  Nice paid campaign folks you have there, Joe. 

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Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

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