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Now I was perfectly willing to let the Patterico issue drop because, outside of the bad form that he has admitted to, it’s no skin off my nose. I didn’t even care when he tried to put it behind him by laying it off on me (“He held me down and made me act stupid!“) all the while trying to turn himself into a martyr at which point he learned the conundrum of the self-martyr: how do I get that last nail in?

But he couldn’t leave well-enough alone and (yes, I know this is getting tedious) here we go again:

[UPDATE: Here’s the short summary if you don’t want to make your way through the whole post. In a comment thread to a nasty post of his about Malkin, I did something I shouldn’t have done. I let TBogg know that I know his name, by making allusions (that nobody but him understood) as to how one could find this publicly available information — information that HE HIMSELF HAD CHOSEN TO PUT ON THE INTERNET. It was wrong of me to do, but it wasn’t an outing. He dared me to go ahead and out him, and I then said repeatedly that I wasn’t going to. He then falsely claimed I already had, and played the martyr, revealing his own name and pretending I had — all to make me look bad. To teach me a lesson, he let one of his commenters post what he thought was my HOME ADDRESS and HOME PHONE NUMBER — which he left up all day, and took down only when I told him it wasn’t really mine. That’ll learn me!

Now I didn’t spend the whole day reading the comments or searching to see if someone mentioned my name on the internets (I have a job, you see), but when I got home that night my wife called me and said that she had been reading them and that someone had put up information on Patterico. When I went to the comments I started at the bottom and worked up which is where I saw Patterico posting about it . Long story short – I found it, I deleted it. But Patterico needs me to be the bad guy, and so when I went to his blog to defend myself from his accusation, well, this is what happened:

  1. I didn’t get around to reading my comments until in the evening (after work) at which point both my wife and Patterico pointed out that someone had posted his old phone number and address, which I promptly deleted it (after having to learn how to do so in haloscan), so I think that means that one of your martyr nails just fell out leaving you flopping on the cross.

    And, really, Patterico…Stephen at Politburo Diktat?

    Was it his turn for a pity link?

    [What part of “go away and don’t come back” don’t you understand? You deleted the info only after I told you it wasn’t mine. Leave. You are not welcome here. — Patterico]

    [Another interesting point, from a TBogg commenter:

    But he didn’t even come out and say it. He alluded to the fact that TBoggs ‘real name’ is not hard to figure out. But what’s silly is that Patterico was acting like he had some big bad secret when *lots* of people have already known TBoggs real name because, well, TBogg has put out lots of information to make it easy to discover.

    And then of course TBogg falls all over himself acting like a martyr that ONE ADDITONAL PERSON indicated he KNEW TBOGGS name but didn’t post it. Oh the horror!~ Seriously, you’re just giving patterico what he wants: he wanted to antagonize you and rattle your chain, and you fell right into it, ludicrously over-reacting about…nothing. Oh no Tbogg might be a pseudonym that can be cracked via internet research! ESpecially since it’s a damn obvious pseudonym. It’s not like he posted your personal address or something.

    The correct response would have been something like this.

    Patterico: “I know a secret about you and I’m not teeelllling!”
    TBogg: “It’s not big secret, dumbass.”

    This is an exceedingly childish display of pre-teen drama and angst all round. Is this what the blogosphere is for?
    K Richards | 08.04.06 – 10:33 am | #

    That’s a much more accurate description of what happened than the martyr lies told by TBogg. I outed no-one. — P]

    Comment by tbogg — 8/4/2006 @ 5:11 pm

  2. Wow.

    You’re really embarassed, aren’t you?

    You spend a couple of days stalking around in my comments and when I pop over here to defend myself from a bullshit accusation, you get the vapors.

    I’ll let you go back to licking your wounds now…

    [Leave. Leave now. Defend yourself on your own blog — the one you use to make *actual* bullshit accusations about me — and to mock an Asian pundit’s appearance based on unflattering stills. All while your commenters make racist comments about her, lie about me, and post what they think is my home address — all with your blessing. Leave. Don’t come back. — P]

    Comment by tbogg — 8/4/2006 @ 6:10 pm

Called on his shit, he just wants it and me to go away. He wants to have last tag, you’re it. I’m somehow the bad guy. (And by the way, enlisting Politburo Diktat to fight your fight is like bringing a rubber chicken to a knife fight. If you’re not familiar with that particular blog, don’t feel alone, just imagine you have a wallet full of blogger credit cards and DailyKos is a American Express Centurion card. Politburo Diktat would be the $200 credit-line Discover card that expired back in 2001.)

Unfortunately, and I base this on the emails that I have just spent the evening reading, the end result is that Patterico’s Last Stand has pissed a lot of people off. A lot of people. And here is their concern: Patterico is an officer of the court employed by the District Attorney’s office in Los Angeles. As such he may have access to information or databases or god knows what that he conceivably, and I want to emphasize conceivably, use to get information on bloggers who don’t share his views. When one reads comments like this:


Glenn Greenwald departed the United States on June 22, 2006 and hasn’t come back since. If you want to know how I know that and more, send me an Email.
Posted by: Baggi at July 21, 2006 06:30 AM

People get a little suspicious. Now I want to be clear that the above did not come from Patterico’s blog and has no direct relation to what has gone on between Patterico and myself, but when people start connecting dots a picture starts to emerge and Patterico may have accidentally put himself in the line of fire. There are people who already think that.

And I think, and I’m guessing here, that Patterico knows this. He knows that what started out as a goof with me has blown up in his face and now he seems a little…panicky. He occupies a very public position that needs to be above reproach and he may have gone a bridge too far. There wasn’t any prize for baiting me, there was nothing to be gained. It was just testosterone runamuck.

So. I don’t want people contacting his employer. I don’t want people threatening his family. Outside of commenting on his blog, I don’t want anyone to contacting him in any way. There is a line that should never be crossed.

But Patterico needs to realize that he doesn’t have the freedom to say or do some of things that some of us, anonymous or not, can. He needs to think more about his wife and kids and less about putting himself under the microscope. He needs to stay out of zero-sum games because he will always have much more to lose.

And he needs to know that there is a time to blog and a time to count ones blessings.

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