I know what chicks dig

C’mon baby, let’s go for a drive…

Ace of Spades –Champion of Women:

I initially wrote that “Joey Short Ride” was a joke about the retarded. Preston, who seems to be familiar with Hamsher’s, err, work, says it’s not. Apparently in supporting hospitals’ rights to refuse to dispense abortitive drugs, Lieberman said it wasn’t a great imposition upon women needing it, as another hospital would be a “short ride” away. Which, you know, is true. And it’s not as if getting Plan B is an emergency sort of thing which cannot be put off for even an hour.

Ooooo. Bonus from his comments regarding Jane:

..although, she probably cleans up real pretty with some makeup and nice clothes.

Resume talk of anger-fucking.

Posted by: lauraw on August 4, 2006 12:13 PM

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