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Too Little, Too Late…Too Desperate

Looks like the Joe Lieberman Bus to Nowhere is working from a new map today

"I supported our war in Iraq but I have always questioned the way it was being executed," Lieberman said.

"This administration took far too many shortcuts. We continue to suffer the consequences, as do the Iraqi people."

Always questioned the way it was being executed? Oh…really?!? Let’s go to the film, shall we?

Here’s a YouTube of Joe Lieberman leading off for the Republican argument in the Senate on the latest attempt to rein in the mess that is Iraq at the hands of George Bush.  Watch here to see Lieberman start the debate for the Republicans.  

Here’s Joe Lieberman at the beginning of the Iraq mess, and he can’t get to the microphone fast enough to praise George Bush’s eloquence. 

And here’s Joe Lieberman, in response to Rep. Jack Murtha’s call for a withdrawal of troops.  (Hint:  Before the primary got close, Lieberman wasn’t supportive.)

There is always the ever popular STFU Democrats — don’t criticize the President, ever, or you put us all at risk.  Can you say final straw?

Lieberman, and his attack chicken Attila the Hen, may have convinced some journalists at the NYTimes and the NYDailyNews that he’s been thinking this about the Iraq mess for a while, but the tape doesn’t lie.  This new attitude is for one reason alone:  Lieberman wants to win the primary, and he’s willing to say anything to get there. 

But I do not trust for one minute that he means this, and that he wouldn’t go right back to stabbing Democrats in the back on this and other issues, because this has not been a true, principled conversion, as we saw with Jack Murtha, who put his own credibility and election on the line taking the stance that he did — this is a decision of political expediency, made in the heat of a primary where the majority of voters of all parties in CT have not supported Joe Lieberman’s stance on Iraq for YEARS.  And where Joe Lieberman has been dismissive and peevish about any and all statements made against President Bush’s failed policies…over and over and over.

Joe Lieberman has stood up for President Bush time and time again, standing with the Republicans whenever they’ve needed political cover and a false veneer of bi-partisanship.  That Lieberman’s ego has been so big that he hasn’t realized how much they are using him as their turncoat poster boy — or that he really believes in the GOP line and is masquerading as a Democrat because he lives in a Blue state — I’m not ready to say.  But the bottom line, whatever his rationale, is that Joe Lieberman keeps being the skunk at the Democratic party.

Have you forgotten?  I sure haven’t.  Too little, too late…too desperate.

(The initial YouTube is from climbingtheladder.  Music: Avril Lavigne – "Forgotten."  I’m not generally a Lavigne fan, being past that teenage angst stage and all, but I thought this video was put together quite well and it truly hits the high lowlights of the phenomenon we call "Joe-nertia.")

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Christy Hardin Smith

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