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Why You Should Come to Connecticut


The favorite guessing game here in Connecticut is "what will Joe do?"  What will Joe do if he loses on August 8?  Will he drop out, run like a bastard or jump into the arms of the GOP?  While the Q-Poll this morning was encouraging, the risk is that people get over-confident and don’t show up to Connecticut to get people out to the polls.  Most people feel that Joe’s decision to either drop out or create a three-way race is predicated on how he does vis a vis Lamont on August 8.  If it’s close, he’ll probably stay in.  If he gets his ass handed to him, he’s certainly much more likely to drop out.  Which means that the money and resources will go to Democrats in the three hotly contested House seats where it belongs, and really strengthen the Democrats’ chance to take back the House in November.

So even if you’re thinking that the race is safely in the bag (and I certainly am not — other polls put this race much more close), it’s really important for November that people show up and help Ned GOTV.  Joe is going to need to be decisively and thoroughly beaten on August 8 so that he doesn’t stick around and pull the Democratic party apart in November, and in the process selfilshly throw the House to the GOP.

What you can do:

Volunteer to help out by coming to Connecticut

Send a personal postcard to family, friends and neighbors in Connecticut

Meanwhile, Lieberman’s plans to flood the state with 4,000 paid field staff is not going so swimmingly — something Matt Stoller predicted a while back (and rumor has it that out-of-state GOTV gun for hire Tom Lindenfeld may have been shitcanned).   I have no doubt that we will have much more fun amongst ourselves than a bunch of people working for $60 a day to show up and heckle Ned (as the LieberYouth are now doing) for someone they probably don’t care very much about.  My inbox is filled with emails from bloggers and big lefties who are swarming here for election night, so I hope everyone can find their way here, knock on some doors and share in the excitement. 

–p.s. from MODERATOR– ck says in comment:

For those who want to help Ned Lamont but can’t make it to Connecticut, is hosting a Virtual Phone Bank.

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