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Where’s HoJo Now?


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It’s an odd morning in Connecticut.  Rumor has it that Joe Lieberman may be cancelling some events today (or not — he may be filming it on the bus) to film a new campaign ad — which is said to be a mea culpa on his support for George Bush and the Iraq War.  So much for this gem

It is time for Democrats who distrust President Bush to acknowledge that he will be Commander-in-Chief for three more critical years, and that in matters of war, we undermine Presidential credibility at our nation’s peril.

Guess that whole STFU to Democrats isn’t operative for Joey "Save My Bacon" Campaigner any longer. Funny how that happens, isn’t it? I suppose it’s better late than never, but why only listen to your constituents 6 days from the primary?  Guess that whole "nation’s peril" theory isn’t so compelling when you are looking at a potential voter pink slip, eh?

The Kiss Float is following the Bus to Nowhere this morning, and the word from the Connecticut bloggers is that Joe is currently on the bus and making his campaign stops.

Jane is on her way to the WalMart Rally — at which both Ned Lamont and Joe Lieberman are supposed to appear.  (See yesterday’s article on the cozy donor relationship between Lieberman and the WalMart heirs this election cycle.  Hypocrisy, much?)  She just phoned to say that she will update all of us when she gets confirmation on any of the rumors.

Things are flying fast and furious today — so hold onto your hats.  Let’s play a game of "Where’s HoJo Now?"

…Oh, and FYI, Jane just phoned to tell me that the Lieberman Bus to Nowhere is going close to 90 MPH racing into Bridgeport.  Could they be trying to lose the Kiss Float?  And how pathetic, if so?!? 

UPDATE:  Jane just phoned in an update.  She has checked with her sources on the "Joe is cancelling events" rumor — and they have discovered (independently of one another, btw) that the Lieberman campaign staffers lied to two of three journalists that Jane checked with — telling them directly that Sen. Lieberman was cancelling events today, when he is not.  He IS at the WalMart rally.  (Maybe they were hoping the Kiss Float wouldn’t show up at the rally, if people knew and/or reported on the fact that Joe was, indeed, going?  Who is that afraid of a couple of paper mache heads on a truck, I ask you?!?)  Other sources, as well, were hearing conflicting information from Lieberman staffers on events today.  Deliberate?  You be the judge…

UPDATE #2 (12:29 pm ET):  Jane just phoned from the WalMart rally.  Sources are telling her that Little Jimmy Olson, Cub Labor Leader, is responsible for Lieberman’s appearance at today’s WalMart rally.  Seeing how Little Jimmy Olson planned the whole thing and all, it seems that he got his knickers in a snit when Lieberman decided to stay home and work on his new ad campaign.  Word has it that Olson got on the phone with Lieberman directly and told him to "get his ass down here NOW" — and since the AFL-CIO has only endorsed Lieberman until the primary, Joe came hopping like a scared rabbit.

Also, Joe bought and paid for his "cheering section" today.  Lots of youthful Lieberman sign-holders who cheered on command for Joe’s speech.  Seems they were instructed to either "Boo" or just talk loudly during Ned Lamont’s speech.  How very Rovian of them — straight out of the Republican play book.  So much for that moral high ground, eh Holy Joe?  Matt Stoller of MyDD also tells me that the telling falsehoods to certain reporters by the Lieberman camp may have been an attempt of their to mislead reporters that they don’t like.  Oh, I see, selective lying.  …more news as I get it.

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