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Lieberman’s new packaging is a dud, but he’s pushing it hard.  His latest PR makeover?  Experience!  Yes, Joe’s got loads of it.  Eighteen years’ worth.  Just ask the Hartford Courant:

Seniority often matters, however. Mr. Lieberman has gained considerable influence in his 18 years in the Senate. His specialty is working with Republican moderates — and sometimes conservatives — to craft bills that can pass the most divided, least civil Congress in memory.

And of course the Washington Post, grateful for the respite in defending their own warmongering so they can come to the aid of proxy Joe:

But it seems that Mr. Lieberman is also being pummeled for his ability to work with Republicans and get things done in Washington…This is a talent and temperament that is helpful to the Democrats in the minority but will be needed even more if there’s a change in power in one or both houses of Congress or, in 2008, in the White House. Then, more than ever, the Democratic Party, if it hopes to accomplish anything, will need people such as Mr. Lieberman who bring some civility to an increasingly uncivil capital — who can accept the idea that opponents may disagree in good faith and who can then work to find areas of agreement and assemble working majorities of 60 senators.


What eactly has Joe’s "experience" been able to achieve?  Well, he approved Michael Brown in 42 minutes.  He was the only northeast Democrat to sign the Cheney energy bill.  He voted for NAFTA, CAFTA and cloture on both the bankruptcy bill and Alito. The Department of Homeland Graft Security was his baby.  Then there was the Gang of 14.  Roberts.  The Bush tax cuts.  And let’s not forget his signature war.

I don’t know exactly how things would have been different if Joe HADN’T been around to lend his "experience" to the GOP on such key issues, but it sure would be nice to find out.

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Jane Hamsher

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