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Have It Both Ways, Joe!


I have to say I was surprised when Joe Lieberman accepted an invitation to be at the Wake Up WalMart press conference tomorrow.  He’s avoided appearing with Ned Lamont at all costs, and I was rather impressed Joe wanted to show his solidarity with those whom WalMart habitually exploits.

I guess it was just another photo op after all, because the fabulous Maura has done some digging and it turns out Holy Joe has no problems taking WalMart money — this election cycle.

WalMart has a political action committee to further this right wing agenda.

Sounds good to get the word out to Americans about Wal-Mart’s detrimental policies, right?

Both Joe Lieberman and Ned Lamont are scheduled to appear at the Wake Up WalMart rally in Bridgeport.

But only one of the two of these Senate candidates have accepted campaign contributions from Wal-Mart’s right wing PAC.  Want to guess which one?

Bingo!  Joe Lieberman.  And it was for this cycle, in February.  When Lieberman ran for President, he also received maximum contributions from Wal-Mart family fortune heir John Walton and his wife Christy.  (This is just an initial search – I may find even more.)

Once again Joe Lieberman tries to have it both ways – scold WalMart when he wants votes from people who care about good jobs and health care, but take campaign contributions to advance Wal-Mart’s right wing agenda. 

I’m thinking that will be me with my hand raised asking questions at the rally.  WalMart isn’t the only one who needs to wake up.

Meanwhile the slavishly bovine Sue Haigh of the AP takes more dictation from Lee Atwater Marion Slimefels about a story nobody cares about while Iraq burns.  I’m starting to think maybe the AP has an agenda here.  Maybe somebody should ask them?

(Photo by Paul Bass of the New Haven Indpendent, who has a great story today about the police brutality experienced yesterday by the Kiss Float.) 

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