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From the Lamont Campaign: 

Senator Lieberman has raised ten million dollars for his campaign. Think about how much money that is for a second.

That’s a lot of buttons, bumper stickers and television ads paid for in part by those profiting from war, high gas prices, and expensive prescription drugs. We need your contribution to counter their last-minute attacks.

For Senator Lieberman’s corporate backers, it’s a healthy investment that comes with expectations—expectations focusing on finding “common ground” with President Bush rather than “common good” for the American people.

It’s all about the votes now, and paying for an expansive statewide GOTV operation is essential. Senator Lieberman’s campaign is hiring four thousand staffers down the stretch. We’re turning to you one last time to help fund our volunteer effort.

Starting with Ned’s official announcement in March, we’ve shared the experience of a democratic revival taking place in Connecticut. Your contribution will help write the final chapter of a story D.C. insiders long hoped would remain fiction: “People-power elects U.S. Senator, democracy back in style.”

Election Day is one week from today. Let’s put Ned, and our voice, in the United States Senate.

Rock the boat,

Tom Swan
Campaign Manager, Ned Lamont for U.S. Senate

Soon we’re going to be putting up a list of hotels, office information, train info, etc. for those who want to come up for the weekend and help out (Siun has been working on it all day).  If you’ve been thinking about coming to Connecticut, your help is surely needed — there is no way to battle Holy Joe with money, it’s going to come down to passion and commitment on the part of Ned’s supporters.  We’ll most certainly be doing lots of fun stuff as well as working our butts off this weekend so I hope to see everyone who does make it up.

Thursday is also the last day for the family, friends and neighbors page, and there is also an invite page now where you can invite the folks you know to use the tool.  It’s going to be a really, really important part of the Lamont campaign arsenal in the last few days so please if there is nothing else you can do, take a look at this  tool and see if there aren’t some folks on your email list you could send it to.

I heard a story yesterday about someone who’d gone to the baseball hall of fame in New York and stopped by a diner aferward.  Somehow it entered the conversation that they were from Connecticut and the person who was serving them said that they had been following the Lieberman/Lamont race online through the blogs and said "please, please if there is one thing you do, please vote for Ned Lamont." 

This race has touched the hearts of so many people who see it as an opportunity to rekindle hope in our political system.  Don’t be shy, go visit the page for the invite tool and send an invitation to anyone you think might even remotely be interested.  You never know whose life might be made just a little bit better by knowing that they helped the country over this very important finish line on August 8.

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