Extreme Makeover: Obscure Blogger Edition

The painfully unfunny Chris Muir wonders why he can’t make the big leagues like, say, Bruce Tinsley’s suckeriffic Mallard Fillmore, yet he continues to play to the cheap seats by featuring inside blog-ball rightwing benchwarmers like Mary Katherine Ham who pinch hits for alleged human Hugh Hewitt. Now we assume that Ham wants to be appreciated for her keen conservative mind, regardless of the fact that she is attached at the hip to America’s Worst Law Professorâ„¢ and so we wonder how she feels about being turned into a giraffe-necked scoliotic hoochie-mama dressed in clothes that seem to be melting off of her.

Talk to the sternum, bitch

And here is the real deal:

(From left to right: Nerd, Mary Katherine Ham)

Todays word: verisimilitude

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