I wonder who’s Kissinger now

Wounded soldier blinking S-O-S to unhelpful photographer

I don’t know about you, but it fills my heart with…well, something, to know that when Condoleezza Rice is not playing point guard in Israel’s four-corner stalling offense, we are still well represented in the Middle East by the Ambassadress from Bergdorf Goodman. Today, (okay, yesterday most likely, but stay with me here), Pam, decked out in jungle-cammy tank top accessorized with a close-but-no-cigar semi-matching handbag toured Rambam hospital bringing joy to the wounded there, if by joy you mean relief that the nurses upped their meds when they saw the crazy lady with the ugly bag bustling down the halls like the doors had just opened for Nordstrom’s half-yearly.

Rambam Hospital is suffering the distinction of being the first to confront meeting an unprecendented challenge -providing lifesaving emergency treatments of civilian casualties of missile attacks, at the same time receiving IDF war wounded from South Lebanon (you know how the Hezb’Allah jihadis love shrapnel and ballbearings in their IEDs) and going into crisis mode while under missile attack. More than 20 missile have fallen with 500 meters are Rambam since the war began. One after another. Remember when hospitals and ambulances were off limits?

Well, I do , but that was before the IDF thought that cute little cross was a target. But never mind that because she just got to the best part, the hospital is actually a mall!:

The hospital was beautiful. In the lobby was a promenade with shops and fabi little restaurants. It was magnificent. A glorious attempt to make a difficult time in one’s life, more tolerable.

Such a country. These boys go into battle and come out men. Israel is on the front lines on the war on the Jihad.

And Pam is at the MAC counter at the Rambam Hospital Macy’s Middle East.

Earlier in the day Pam visited a super secret IDF installation:

The Commander explained he had been given a mission to install a temporary military base here which he and his team assembled in 24 hours. Astonishing. And the Commander explained it all so matter of factly. When I asked if this war was different from the other wars, he stated yes, emphatically, without hesitation. He went on to detail the difficulties in taking out a well armed, Iranian trained militia that hides in homes, that mingles and operates withing the fabric of the civilian population and whose weaponry moves from residence to residence.

I asked him how they could take out terrorists if they warn the people they are targeting their towns or the homes with missiles. He said the IDF could track the movement of the armaments. It seems an impossible war to wage (at least to me) not even taking into account the jihad media and a anti-civilization international “community.”

I like “anti-civilization international community.”. Subtle, but pithy enough for a t-shirt or maybe a tote bag.

Oh, and Pam took a picture of some Not-Lebanese Protest babes possibly an attempt to, if you’ll excuse the expression, throw a bone to Masturbating Randy and some of the guys over at Little Green Footballs…at least the few with opposable thumbs. And, hey ladies!, here is a little war porn for you too:

Next stop was the Patriot Missile Base in Haifa, again no photos. Again, extraordinary people. Another young, fabulous Captain explaining that they will not use Patriots to shoot down Katushyas. Why use to a million dollar missile to shoot down a thousand dollar rocket that they have thousands of? The Patriots are for the Iranian missiles.

The Patriot base in Haifa is Israel’s first line of defense in the missile attacks on Israel. They see it first. They are the frontline of defense for the whole if Israel. They cue the sirens, the bomb shelter warnings, these guys are so on all the time. When I asked what signs hanging off this massive structures said (red hebrew lettering), one of the soldiers said “ARMED.”
Yeah bababababy.

Later, cigarettes were smoked…

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