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Dull-witted Brian Maloney can’t understand why Mitt Romney is criticized for using the term “tarbaby” since Sade used it in a song, and so he sees a grand media conspiracy to get Mitt :

If you thought this year’s political silly season might not kick off until at least September, you’ve obviously been away from today’s news.

After a political correctness- run- amok flap smacked Republican Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney upside the head Monday, Boston- area talk show hosts and callers were fit to be tied. Many found the controversy to be simply absurd.

At issue: Romney used the phrase “tar baby”, which depending on its usage, can apparently have racist overtones.

Yeah. Apparently.

Perhaps we do need to be educated on this topic. Could Mr Jones or Mr Lewis please explain why it isn’t okay for Tony Snow or Romney to utter this phrase, but a song by Sade called “Tar Baby” is acceptable?


So why do some conservative media watchers smell a rat? First, the timing is suspicious, given Romney’s recent improved standing at home in Massachusetts. That’s a result of his leadership on the Big Dig mess, following a recent tunnel collapse that has shaken public confidence in the nearly $15 billion project.

In addition, it’s been clear for some time that the strategy to deflate Mitt’s potential presidential campaign is wait for just such a gaffe in order to pounce on the governor.

After all, that’s exactly what brought down his father’s (George W Romney) aspirations in 1968.

Now it’s not surprising that “some conservative media watchers smell a rat”; after all, they’re soaking in it. But beyond that: I agree with Brian. In fact, after repeated listenings to Straight Out Of Compton and Fear of a Black Planet, I think that, as Mitt campaigns across this great country of ours, he should greet all African-American audiences with a hearty, “Wassup, mah niggaz!”

Bonus points for referring to K-Lo as “My baby mama”.

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