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The Great Divorce


Digby is right again, as usual.  E.J. Dionne repeats a piece of conventional wisdom that irks the hell out of me every time I hear it – if Lieberman loses the primary and runs as an independent it will distract everyone from the true villain, the GOP, and therefore we should just give him a pass.  

Balderdash.  Lieberman has been an integral part of the GOP’s bully machine for the past six years, the Democrat useful for his willingness to dicipline his own kind.  Ned Lamont is running a legitimate primary contest and Joe is refusing to abide by the results of that primary.  As Lowell Weicker said the other day, when he became an independent he didn’t fuck with the Republican primary first (my words not his) he just left.  Joe is fucking with the Democratic primary and then abandoning the party to attack it from the outside.  How this is the fault of Ned Lamont or his supporters I would very much like to know.


"Vote for me or I’ll take the party down with me" hardly seems like an honest way to win an election.

Dionne says he personally knows and likes Lieberman. Perhaps he and all the other DC insiders who are so worried that this Lamont challenge will end up hurting Democrats in the fall should have a talk with Joe. After all, whether or not there is a "distraction" is entirely in his hands.

Joe is pulling in nearly $100,000 a day in donations; he’s now raised over $10 million dollars and he’s pouring it into vote buying.  This money isn’t coming because Joe is beloved; it’s coming because toppling him is a threat to oh so many who see their gravy train coming to an end if they have to be responsible to an electorate who expect them to stand for something.  I know many think Joe will be under pressure to withdraw from the race if he loses the primary, but I wonder if he will be under pressure to stay in, to fight a proxy battle on behalf of those who think they’re next. They have certainly proven themselves willing to throw gobs of cash at him to forestall that eventuality.  It will certainly be interesting to see if any of those writing the big checks will be willing to stand with him and suffer political LieberCooties should that day come.

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