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“Yeehaw!!!” Is Not a Foreign Policy


In case you were wondering, Cowboy Diplomacy is back, says Robin Wright in the WaPo.  Just when you thought it was safe to come out of the bunker. 

And what does Froomkin have to say about that?

President Bush’s "moment of opportunity" in the Middle East is increasingly looking like an opportunity for disaster.

Bush’s official position is that some blood-spilling in the Middle East is worth it in pursuit of the region’s positive transformation….

In the best of circumstances, Bush would be running the risk of being considered callous. But in the current circumstances, he runs the risk of being considered both callous and delusional.

By almost no stretch of the imagination is the current conflict strengthening Bush’s hand or advancing democracy. Rather, it appears to be emboldening Bush’s enemies.

It’s increasingly accepted wisdom in Washington that what’s going on in the Middle East right now is a "proxy war" between the U.S. and Iran. But even through that lens, the U.S. appears to be losing….

Peter Baker writes in the Washington Post that Haass "laughed at the president’s public optimism. ‘An opportunity?’ Haass said with an incredulous tone. ‘Lord, spare me. I don’t laugh a lot. That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time. If this is an opportunity, what’s Iraq? A once-in-a-lifetime chance?’ "

Go. Read all of Froomkin’s White House Briefing today.  And tell me that we shouldn’t rename the whole mess "the war to create more terrorists." 

Great.  Just great.

The Democratic leadership in the House and the Senate sent President Bush a letter telling him that things are not working in Iraq — and that staying the course is an idiotic policy, as a result of his failures.  It purports to speak for Democrats in both houses of Congress but, to be certain, I think an enterprising journalist ought to ask Joe Lieberman straight out if he’d going to side with the Republican caucus on this one, just to be sure.

(As penance for posting something this irritating, I give you the trailer from Spirited Away, my favorite Hiyao Miyazake anime.  And also, this fantastic link to a piece that Howie did on CSNY.)

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